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During Wimbledon 2006 I spent my two weeks of tennis overindulgence designing and painting a 24″x24″ picture for my bedroom. It turned out that this fortnight was blisteringly hot, and my acrylic paints were a nightmare to use as the heat made them sticky and prone to drying far too quickly.

This is the original drawing for the painting, well, I tweaked it a little as there are a few things about the original original that I’m not too keen on. That’s why I love computers so much, you can tinker to your heart’s content and no one has to know. Unless you tell them, of course.

As an artist I am often overwhelmed by the need to create something, be it beautiful or weird or purely self-satisfying. Whatever it is that comes bubbling up to the surface every now and then demands to be given life. I have these things secreted all over the place, some of them are on the hard drive of my laptops, some are tucked away in various drawers and boxes in my house, others are still trapped in my mind waiting for the moment to pop out and get given a new home.

It is my intention to store some of my bubblings right here so people can enjoy (or despise) them as much as I do. And, with any luck, get a better idea of the kind of artist I am and the sort of work I do.